What We Do

Pricenometry is turning the world of smart price data tracking on it’s head.

Our Application Program Interface (API) is one of the fastest of it's kind in the market intelligence industry with fuzzy matching and incremental product search as well as real time availability and pricing data from multiple sites and sources.

What Are We Building?

We are creating a price tracking platform to change and disrupt the billion dollar product research industry.

Both enterprise and small companies can use our tools or build their own using our API.

Our up and coming Ecommerce Dashboard will be a fully automated and accurate pricing marketplace. Researchers can follow their very own products or their competitor’s products and receive daily updates, research, insight, pricing, promotions and ad trends in real time.

Daily Data Collection

We provide the valuable real time pricing data you need from the web. We get it to you daily in a form you can use.

Structured Data Feeds

We get you a feed of JSON and XML data you can access via our API, our Dashboard will introduce CSV and Excel exports.

Data Science Insights

We also teach you to analyze the data you are given in a clean and intuitve way.

Where are we going?

We are always working on new forms of pricing analytics and understanding.

As we roll out our Dashboard and more data sources, we will eventually be able to track the pricing and availabity across thousands of web sites. Our system is scalable enough to track everything on the internet with a price tag.

So whether you’re an analyst trying to figure out how to best price your products, a store owner looking at your competitors or simply a consumer wanting to know any price changes on your favorite products, Pricenometry will change the way you research.